Quilt Restoration and Repair Services

If you are lucky enough to find a family heirloom that is a bit worn or needs to be repaired....I can help!  See the examples of how a quilt can be repaired below.  I will assess your quilt and provide a written estimate for repairs.  If you have any questions about restoration or repair services, please ask!

Below are samples of my repair work.

Grandmothers Flower Garden - BEFORE
The entire "flower" will need to be replaced; notice the border just outside of the orange petals is almost entirely disintegrated?  The center of the flower is actually yellow, though it has faded through the years. 
Grandmothers Flower Garden - REPAIRED!!  I attempt to match the original fabrics used in the time period in which the quilt was made.
BEFORE PICTURE.  Twelve Pointed Star Quilt.  The entire quilt had just 4 blocks that were totally disintegrated like the block pictured above.  The rest of the quilt was in perfect condition.    
AFTER PICTURE:  REPAIRED!!   Amazing!!  The quilt is now beautifully repaired and useable.  This quilt will be handed down to the grandkids!
This quilt was a FABULOUS restoration project.  The blocks are over 100 years old!  After cleaning, repairing and stabilizing these blocks I was able to put them together in a beautiful setting.  The family was delighted with this quilt and so am I.  The excitement of working with these blocks will remain with me for a long time to come.
This is the label that was sewn to the back of the above quilt.  It clearly spells out the history of these blocks which were found by accident in a box in an attic.  It is so important to document our quilts for future generations.  
BEFORE PICTURE.  This poor baby quilt was chewed by the family puppy.       
AFTER PICTURE:  REPAIRED!!   Amazing!!  The quilt is now beautifully repaired and useable.  
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