"Loving My Crossroads".  This quilt is done in greens, yellows, blues, and creams.  The center is machine pieced using a pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  The border is my original design and is hand appliqued.  The quilt is quilted with a long leaf design in the center.  I meandered around the borders. Beautiful!  Makes me want to repaint our bedroom to match this one!  This is a queen size quilt.  FOR SALE:  $1,500
Grandmother's Flower Garden.  This gem came to me as a quilt top to finish.   There are 1,700 petals in this quilt and each one is individually quilted!  The edges are done using a "facing" type binding.  This is a customer's family heirloom and it was my privilege to quilt and finish it. 
BELOW: Is a close up of the quilting.
"It's Time for Mardi Gras!"   This is a queen sized quilt done in bright greens, yellows, purples and greys.  Pieced and quilted by me.   I used a musical notes quilting design to add to the party.

 This is a Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt
This is my Crazy Quilted Double Wedding Ring.  I made this quilt with a zillion itty bitty scraps.  The quilting really shows up well in the closeup picture.
"I Spy" quilts are so much fun.  Warm and cuddly and fun to play a quick game of I Spy!!
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