Puppy Blankets, Quilts
& Memory Pillows

Pamper your pet with a blanket made especially for them!  I can make lap quilts, kennel pads, resting pillows and tote bags that are personalized for your furry friend.

If you have lost a beloved pet, why not preserve your fond memories by ordering a memory pillow?  You can either email or mail a snapshot of a picture of your pet and I will make it in to a memory pillow that can hang on the wall or bedpost or displayed on the mantle.  A sweet gift for someone who is grieving the loss of their best friend.
This is a kennel quilt made for a puppy named "Ziggie".  Don't you love the zig zag design!
Just $50 to add a comfy, unique blanket to your pet's kennel.  Measures 36 x 50 inches.
"Memory Pillows"  

Is there any better way to keep the memory of a beloved pet than to put a pillow propped up on her favorite chair for napping?

Prices depend on the size of pillow 
or wallhanging you would like.  
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