T-Shirt and Memory Quilts

A memory quilt is a piece of work that is created from the clothes from a loved one.  A beautiful quilt can be made from your baby, child, son, daughter, mom or dad's tshirts and clothing.   I can incorporate shirts, bibs, swimsuits, tshirts, ties, sun dresses, baptismal outfits, team logos, baby clothes, or even cruise memorabilia and more!  I combine the fabric you give me in to a quilt you will cherish forever.   

I will do my best to include everything that you bring to me....sometimes we just run out of quilt room! Below are a few examples of memory quilts that I have made recently.  
A memory quilt takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete although I have been known to work overtime in order to get a quilt done by Christmas morning!!  
This is a quilt that Mike will be taking off to college with him.   Mike lettered in pole vault every year throughout high school.  What a great way to display his letters, jerseys, logos, tshirts, and even the tie he had to wear everyday for four years at Calvert Hall, a Catholic school. 

It is hard to see in this picture, but under each star and letter I have embroidered the year and the event in which the award was earned. (i.e. 2008 Captain - Varsity Pole Vault).  Neat detail to add!

I have to say this quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!
"I Love You More than all The Pink In The World" - Alexandra's baptismal dress, her first Easter sleeper, swimsuit and bib plus a whole lot more went in to this quilt.    Adorable!!
What better way to display all of your son's Boy Scout accomplishments than a wall hanging!  Save all of his tshirts, bandanas, patches, awards, pins.  Send them to me and I will make a spectacular quilt like this for your son.
Do you donate blood? You can save 3 lives with each donation. Our local blood bank gives a free tshirt with each donation. What a great way to spread the word!  Notice the "blood drop" shape of the label. :-) 
<<<This is a very unique layout for a t-shirt quilt.  This quilt uses just 12 t-shirts, but I can add an infinite number of rows so all of your t-shirts are represented.
This quilt was made for a person who has been involved with the Arts her entire life. Most of the tshirts included have pictures of seascapes, turtles, and surfing. The background fabrics are spot on to follow the ocean/water theme. Beautiful quilt.
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