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Custom Quilt Pricing

All prices, listed below, are simply guidelines.  An estimate will be provided after important details are determined:  size, pattern, fabric choice, hand or machine quilting, etc.

Crib 45"X60"        
Throw 50"x70"      
Twin 68"X90"       
Full 80"X90" 
Queen 96"X108"  
King 108"X108"     


I charge by the square inch ($.015) for general, simple quilting.  If you would like feathers, pantographs, or gridwork that would be a bit more.   To determine how much it will cost to have your quilt top quilted: Measure the length and width of your quilt top in inches.  Multiply length x width x .015.  For example: a quilt top that measures 60 inches wide and 60 inches long (60x60x.015=$54). 

BACKING, BINDING & BATTING:   Customers can supply the fabric needed for the backing, binding, and batting OR I can buy it and add the cost to the quilting charges.  BACKING:  I charge $20 to prep and make the backing for your quilt.  The backing must be at least 4 inches longer and wider than your quilt top. 
BINDING:  Machine stitched to front and hand stitched to back:  $.25 per inch of the diameter of your quilt.  In my example:  60 + 60 + 60 + 60 = 240 x .25 = $60 for binding.
BATTING:  I use Hobbs PolyDown 80/20 batting.  You can buy it or let me, I will use a coupon if I have one!

THREAD:   The quilting price per inch includes basic white, cream, brown or black thread.  If you would like to upgrade to a variegated thread, the customer would be responsible for the additional cost.  Labels can be added starting from $10 for 4 lines of text (i.e. Baby's name, birth date, weight) and designs.  (See my Embroidery page for examples)

SHIPPING:  Customer pays for shipping and insurance.

Please note:  If your quilt top is not finished, needs repairs, or needs borders, send it to me.  I can finish it.   I charge $20/hour for any fixes, additions, or repairs that need to be done to the quilt top before I quilt it.

36"x45", scrappy quilted wall hanging
Baby Blanket
60" x 60", Hand and machine pieced and appliqued, machine quilted. $350

* Send grandma's  hankies or sun dresses and I will incorporate them into a cherished heirloom quilt for the Mom-to-Be.
Personalized label for the back of the quilt.
"Sun Bonnet Sue"  Machine appliqued.  The Baptist Fans are machine pieced using eyelet lace for an embellishment.  The teapot and teacups are machine embroidered.  Notice the background is machine quilted in a "grid" pattern.

WHAT IS A CUSTOM QUILT?  Any quilt project where you pick the pattern, the color scheme, and the size of the quilt.  The finished product will be uniquely yours.  No two quilts are alike!  You can bring me a picture of a quilt and I can make it for you.

HOW QUICKLY CAN I GET MY COMPLETED QUILT?  This depends on the complexity of the pattern you choose.   A simple patterned quilt can be completed rather quickly, however, a double wedding ring pattern may take several months to piece.    Please let me know if your quilt order is for a specific date or event and every effort will be made to complete the quilt on time.

WHAT TYPES OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT?  I require a 50% deposit to be paid up front.  For the deposit, I accept paypal, checks, money orders and cash!   The balance will be due upon delivery of the quilt and must be paid with paypal, cash or a money order.

CAN YOU USE CLOTHING IN A QUILT?  Absolutely!  See the Sunbonnet Sue Baby Blanket below.  You can bring your baby's cherished clothes, mom's dresses, dad's ties, or any tshirts and I will incorporate them in to a beautiful memory quilt for you.

LABELS?  I can custom embroider a beautiful label for the back of your quilt.  You may include the date, names, cities, and any information that you would like to add.  Labels identify when and where the quilt was made, as well as identify the unique components of the quilt.  You could put a baby's name, birthdate, height and weight on a baby quilt label.  You might want to put the "story" behind the quilt on the label.... "This quilt was made out of great grandma's aprons in 2008 and given to Susie as a gift to commemorate her graduation from culinary school."  Lots of possibilities here!

This is a full size quilt.   It is a charm quilt which means each piece of the quilt (except the white background) is a different fabric!  

Hand and Machine pieced and quilted:  $500 
Right:  Closeup of the Double Wedding Ring Charm quilt.  You can pick a different color background if you would like.  I could also include clothing or momentos in this quilt pattern for you.
"Just Make It Long Enough" 
~ Stretched Upon a Star ~

Ribbon Winner!! This quilt can be done in any color scheme.  I used recycled men's shirts for the stars and various scrappy creams and lights for the background.  Extra Long Queen Size.   This quilt would be perfect for your 6' 3" husband or son!!
 Machine pieced and quilted. $1,200.00
This quilt was made from a delightfully fun pattern by Bonnie Hunter.
Monets Double Wedding Ring
Machine pieced and quilted. Queen size.  The colors can be any scheme but I chose rusts, browns, golds and a cream colored background.  All the pieces in this quilt are square or rectangular...there are no curved pieces yet this pattern creates the illusion of the "wedding ring circles".  Pretty neat huh!!   The quilting is incredible on this quilt. 
The back of the quilt is just as pretty as the front.  

** I used the delightfully fun pattern by Judy Martin for this quilt. I did alter the pattern in order to make the quilt a little bit longer and wider.

Monets Double Wedding Ring quilting detail
Above:  Stretched Upon A Star Close Up
Above: Stretched Upon A Star quilting details
Frog Quilt

This is a custom project that turned out fantastic!  The quilt is a frog theme (Mom collects frogs).  I was able to design a quilt, bib and thank you cards to match the frog pattern.  My daughter creates adorable invitations/thank you cards for all of my quilts!

I can design a quilt for just about any design that you would like!

Below is a picture of the signature label that went on the back of the quilt.  

Sock Monkeys

This has been a very popular theme lately.  I have made 4 or 5 sock monkey quilts.  I have designs that are all boy or all girl, ballerina sock monkeys, sports sock monkeys, and lots more.  

Below is a sample of the matching thank you or note cards that you can order.  Adorable!!
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